Honey is a free browser extension that searches for some of the best deals on the internet, saving people money across over 30,000 popular sites.

Honey approached us in 2018, wanting to partner with YouTube influencers who could efficiently drive new users for them in North America.

We focused our efforts on pairing Honey up with larger influencers who could drive millions of views per video. We focused on larger influencers because we knew we could drive a large number of installs per sponsored video, and the CPMs were much cheaper in comparison to micro-sized creators (not many brands were comfortable making larger investments in creators back in 2018).

We used our Past Performance tracker from other direct-response campaigns to determine the creators with the most potential, and we then used our Predicted Performance tool to gauge the estimated clicks, conversions and CACs. These helped us determine which creators we booked and at what price, allowing us to achieve an extremely high success rate on a per-video basis. 

Centus Managed: Campaign + Creator Strategy // Media Planning + Buying // Creative // Legal + Compliance // Custom B-Roll Creation // Ad Operations // Payment // Reporting + Renewals // Content Usage

We helped Honey build their YouTube influencer channel into one of their largest sources of new customer acquisition, driving millions of trackable new users. 

We helped Honey consistently increase spend into the channel, all while decreasing CACs and ensuring the booked media went live each month on time. 

We aligned Honey with over one hundred highly relevant and up and coming creators, some who have gone on to experience huge success (i.e: Emma Chamberlain, Yes Theory, Safiya Nygaard). We helped consistently bring Honey’s brand to the forefront of the minds of millions of 18-45 year olds, developing long-term, on-going partnerships with more than one hundred independent creators.

Honey was bought by PayPal for $4bn in November 2019.