Morning Brew

Morning Brew

Morning Brew is a free daily email newsletter that compiles the most important business and tech news, transforming them into enjoyable bites that can easily be read.

Morning Brew approached us in 2020, wanting to partner with YouTube influencers who could efficiently drive newsletter subscribers within North America and Europe.

We focused our efforts on pairing Morning Brew up with the leading influencers across the Finance, Tech and Productivity categories. We used the learnings from those campaigns to build a wide-scale program that performed strongly across numerous categories, partnering with influencers of all sizes.

We used our Past Performance tracker from other direct-response campaigns to determine the creators with the most potential, and we then used our Predicted Performance tool to gauge the estimated clicks, sign-ups and CACs. These helped us determine which creators we booked and at what price, allowing us to achieve an extremely high success rate on a per-video basis. 

Centus Managed: Campaign + Creator Strategy // Media Planning + Buying // Creative // Legal + Compliance // Ad Operations // Payment // Reporting + Renewals // Content Usage

We helped Morning Brew build their YouTube influencer channel into one of their largest sources of new customer acquisition, driving hundreds of thousands of trackable new subscribers. 

We helped consistently bring the Morning Brew brand to the forefront of the minds of millions of 18-45 year olds interested in business and finance, developing long-term, on-going partnerships with 50+ independent creators. We helped Morning Brew consistently increase spend into the channel, all while decreasing CACs and ensuring the booked media went live each month on time. 

Morning Brew currently has 4 million subscribers to it’s daily newsletter, and it was bought by Business Insider in October 2020.