Native is a personal care brand that makes daily staples like deodorant, body wash, soap, shampoo, and toothpaste that are clean, fun, and cruelty free.

Native came to us in 2019, wanting to partner with YouTube influencers who could efficiently drive new customers for them while also building their brand awareness across North America, Europe and Australia

We used past campaign data from other DTC clients targeting similar audiences (female, 25+, mainly in the US) to build an initial Media Plan that gave Native the best chance of seeing initial success in terms of performance.

We predominantly focused our initial creator selections on those who were strong past performers in specific categories like vegan, self-care and lifestyle.

We used the initial test data to refine our strategy, test more into the creators and categories that were performing well, and developing parameters for those creators and categories that were initially less efficient.

Centus Managed: Campaign + Creator Strategy // Media Planning + Buying // Creative // Legal + Compliance // Shipping + Logistics // Ad Operations // Payment // Reporting + Renewals // Content Usage.

We built a strong foundation for Native’s influencer program by starting small, sponsoring just 4 creators. We helped incrementally grow the program, focusing on continuous testing and learning, while building long-term relationships with creators that were efficiently driving large volumes of sales.

What was an initial test of partnering with 4 creators turned in to an always-on performance marketing channel, publishing over 100 videos each month. Native’s influencer program has driven millions of dollars in trackable sales, and has built their brand across hundreds of millions of viewers.

We’ve helped Native become the #1 personal care brand partnering with creators on YouTube, helping launch new products like body wash, sunscreen, and more.

“Centus has exponentially helped to grow our influencer strategy on YouTube. As a high-touch agency owning the end-to-end details in bringing campaigns to life, they have made my day-to-day workload that much lighter, allowing me to focus on other priorities. Centus always has the brand's best interests in mind, and has been instrumental in scaling our influencer program.”